Window World Military Initiative Unites With All Veteran Group for Parachute Demonstrations

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The Window World Military Initiative is excited to announce its new Parachute Program co-sponsored by the All Veteran Group! This program allows the AVG to provide parachute demonstrations at Window World events. 

The Window World Military Initiative strives to honor active military, military veterans, and their families by upholding its three foundational values: Careers, Community Outreach, and Partnerships. The AVG supports these values by performing parachute demonstrations to raise awareness and promote military initiatives. 

Mike Elliott founded the AVG in 2011. After serving 25 years in the U.S. Army, Elliott decided to dedicate his life to helping veterans across the country show their skills. Since then, the AVG has performed more than 50,000 jumps combined. On top of national TV appearances and thousands of website visitors, former president George H.W. Bush jumped with the AVG three times. 

The Window World Military Initiative recognizes the profound impact that the AVG demonstrates within the veteran community. The Window World Military Initiative knew this partnership would be a great fit. 

You can find AVG members at Window World event tables after parachute demonstrations. Stop by to learn more about Window World’s Military Initiative, the parachute experience, and AVG hero cards.

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